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They Are Only Images On the Screen...

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This is basically my "film journal". Here is where I will devulge my obsessive love for all kinds of films: classic, animated, modern, new age, indie, and foreign.

Mainly personal reviews of films, pics and the like...You like talking about films or want to find out more about them, this'll be a good journal to friend.

My opinions can be harsh sometimes but I'll usually have my reasons (and even try to say at least one positive thing about films I really don't like, so I try to be fair).

Rating system:

0 to 1 star(s) = crap on celluloid
2 stars = Had potential - but didn't deliver
3 stars = Worth watching, if only once
4 stars = Very good - I may buy it when it comes out
5 stars = Loved it; must watch over and over again....

Films I’ve Seen & Will Review:

*Amadeus*The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring*The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers*The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King*Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World*A Beautiful Mind*The Silence of the Lambs*Spirited Away*Princess Mononoke*Elizabeth*One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest*Star Wars: A New Hope*Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back*Star Wars: The Return of the Jedi*Finding Nemo*Death of a Salesman*Gandhi*Bram Stoker’s Dracula*Psycho*Mommie Dearest*Jaws*Schindler’s List*The Pianist*Gladiator*It’s A Wonderful Life*The Passion of Joan of Arc*Moulin Rouge!*Jean de Flourette*Manon of the Spring*The Exorcist*Shadow of the Vampire*The Shining*The Exorcist III*The Exorcist II: The Heretic*Bravheart*The Passion of the Christ*Easy Rider*Alien*Taxi Rider*The Birds*Dangerous Liaisons*Sling Blade*The Godfather*Gangster No.1*In the Line of Fire*Dead Man Walking*Fatal Attraction*Shine*Forrest Gump*Of Mice and Men*The Wizard of Oz*Quills*The Deer Hunter*The Piano*The Texas Chainsaw Massacre*Kill Bill*Kill Bill Vol.2*The Haunting*The House on Haunted Hill*Nosferatu*Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind*Finding Neverland*Mystic River*Million Dollar Baby*Apocalypse Now*Patton*Boys Don’t Cry*Chicago*Bad Education*Sideways*Romeo and Juliet*William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet*Gone With the Wind*Cape Fear*The Shawshank Redemption*Happy Feet*Babe*The Land Before Time*Scarface*Jacob’s Ladder*American Beauty*Awakenings*A Streetcar Named Desire*The Graduate*Philadelphia*The Birdcage*Angels In America*Scent of a Woman*Prick Up Your Ears*Kingdom of Heaven*Toy Story*Toy Story 2*The Incredibles*Monster, Inc.*Heavenly Creatures*The End of the Affair*L.A. Confidential*Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrells*Alive and Kicking*Kinsey*Castle In the Sky*Gods and Monsters*Dog Day Afternoon*Seven*Charlie and the Chocolate Factory*Batman Begins*The Empire of the Sun*Kramer Vs. Kramer*Sophie’s Choice*Brokeback Mountain*Bent*Little Miss Sunshine*The Departed*Raging Bull*Goodfellas*A Fish Called Wanda*The Crying Game*The Nightmare Before Christmas*Corpse Bride*Howl’s Moving Castle*The Hunchback of Notre Dame*The Lion King*Beauty and Beast*Snow White and the Seven Dwarves*The Hobbit*Heat*The Godfather Pt.II*The Godfather Pt.III*Apt Pupil*Secret Window*Fargo*Memoirs of a Geisha*Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon*Revolution*Sense and Sensibility*Ordinary People*Breakfast on Pluto*Infamous*Capote*The Green Mile*Cast Away*The Da Vinci Code*A Bronx Tale*Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail*Monty Python and the Life of Brian*Monty Python and the Meaning of Life*Troy*Soldier’s Girl*Saving Private Ryan*The Boondock Saints*The Hours*Keane*Elizabeth: The Golden Age*Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl*Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest*Pirates of Caribbean: At World’s End*Band of Brothers*3:10 to Yuma*V for Vendetta*American Psycho*Casino Royale*Splash*Big*A League of Their Own*You’ve Got Mail*Road to Perdition*The Simpsons Movie*Les Misérables*Shakespeare In Love*Frida*The Life and Death of Peter Sellers*Munich*Platoon*Proof*The Insider*O Brother, Where Art Thou?*The Omen*The Full Monty*The Ninth Gate*The Portrait of a Lady*The Others*Pan’s Labyrinth*Cold Mountain*The Golden Compass*Love Is the Devil*Cool Hand Luke*Legend*Thelma and Louise*The Last Temptation of Christ*The Age of Innocence*Casino*Gangs of New York*The Aviator*Henry V*The Prestige*The Professional*JFK*Sid and Nancy*Hamlet*Titanic*Flushed Away*Black Beauty*Total Eclipse*Dragonheart*Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone*Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets*Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban*Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire*Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix*The Mission*Damage*Lolita*The Man In the Iron Mask*The Merchant of Venice*Eragon*Wilde*Interview with the Vampire*The Butcher Boy*Who Framed Roger Rabbit?*Hook*Billy Elliot*Star Wars: The Phantom Menace*Star Wars: The Attack of the Clones*Star Wars: The Revenge of the Sith*A.I.: Artificial Intelligence*Orlando*Richard III*Dangerous Beauty*Ever After*The Mists of Avalon*The Crucible*Girl With a Pearl Earring*The Libertine*Affair of the Necklace*Last of the Mohicans*Marie Antoinette*Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein*Sleepy Hollow*Wuthering Heights*Immortal Beloved*Anna and the King*From Hell*The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe*Circle of Friends*The English Patient*Evita*Fried Green Tomatoes*Iron Jawed Angels*King Kong*Seabiscuit*Walk the Line*The Goonies*The Untouchables*Batman*Batman Returns*Frances*Anne Frank: the Whole Story*Ice Age*Spiderman*Spiderman 2*Jesus of Montreal*Black Robe*The Healer*The Secret Garden*The Accused*School of Rock*Return to Oz*Sweeney Todd*The Messenger*The Last Emperor*The Haunting*The Exorcism of Emily Rose*Blue Lagoon*Pretty Baby*Mrs.Doubtfire*Van Helsing*The Amityville Horror*The Omen*Ferris Buller’s Day Off*Saw*Nosferatu: The Vampyre*The Road to El Dorado*An American Tail*Monster*21 Grams*My Big Fat Greek Wedding*I Am Sam*The Missing*Tommy Boy*A Little Princess*The Grudge*The Ring*Titus*Rob Roy*American History X*The Joy Luck Club*The Exorcist II: The Heretic*Aliens*Grave of the Fireflies*A History of Violence*The Bridge on the River Kwai*The Queen*Midnight Cowboy*The Transporter*The Transporter 2*Misery*Carrie*Iron Man*The Dark Knight*Tropic Thunder*

Films-To-Be-Seen :

*Naked*Resevoir Dogs*Peeping Tom*Unforgiven*Romper Stomper*Places In the Heart*The China Syndrome*Network*Cape Fear*Ghost World*The Sum of Us*Trainspotting*A Star Is Born*Meet Me In St. Louis*Cabaret*Akira*Cinderella Man*Blood Simple*Miller’s Crossing*Raise the Red Lantern*Lust, Caution*Howard’s End*Room With a View*My Left Foot*In the Name of the Father*The Brave One*Volver*The Children of Men*Hard Candy*Eastern Promises*Juno*Closer*Becoming Jane*The Tailor of Panama*The Quick and the Dead*No Country For Old Men*Chinatown*Death At a Funeral*Summer of Sam*The Good Shepherd*Margot At the Wedding*Babel*The Invasion*Sylvia*Enduring Love*Blade Runner*Alice Doesn’t Live Here Any More*All the Little Animals*Equilibrium*The Machinist*Rescue Dawn*I’m Not There*Iris*Dead Ringers*Reversal of Fortune*M. Butterfly*Farewell, My Concubine*Mona Lisa*Michael Collins*Layer Cake*Stardust*The Diving Bell and the Butterfly*Madness of King George*The Illusionist*Legends of the Fall*Maurice*Charlotte Gray*Enchanted April*Far From Heaven*Gosford Park*The Heart of Me*The Man Who Cried*The Painted Veil*Sister My Sister*A Very Long Engagement*The Last September*Forsyte Saga*Brideshead Revisited*Witness*The Fugitive*28 Days Later*Fur*Love In the Time of Cholera*Atonement*American Gangster*La Vie En Rose*Zodiac*John Adams*Michael Clayton*An American Haunting*The Amityville Horror*The Breakfast Club*Persepolis*Ratatouille*The Black Dahlia*The Sea Inside*Between Your Legs*Kings and Queen*Hairspray*Rosemary’s Baby*North Country*Match Point*Veronica Guerin*Gone Baby Gone*Flags of Our Fathers*Letters From Iwo Jima*Hot Fuzz*Shaun of the Dead*King Arthur*Before Night Falls*Notes On a Scandal*Mrs. Brown*The Other Boleyn Girl*There Will Be Blood*The Raggedy Rawney*Caravaggio*The Bank Job*Dreamcatcher*

Films Reviewed :

*Love Is The Devil*

Films-Not-Yet-Released I Plan To See :

*Quantum of Solace - Nov. 7, 2008
*Body of Lies - Oct. 10, 2008
*State of Play - 2009
*Nottingham - 2009 (?)
*The Duchess - Sep. 12, 2008
*Watchmen - March 2009

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